2nd Chance Disciples Jail Ministry

2nd Chance Disciples is a Christian Ministry that is organized to include as many Christian Churches of any denomination within Monroe County Michigan. The ministry is designed to reach incarcerated lost souls from the Monroe County Jail then provide “follow-up” Christian life cultivation after release from jail, prison or rehab.

2nd Chance Disciple Ministry Positions

Executive Board – The Executive Board is a group of Christian leaders that are willing to oversee several Disciple Groups. The Executive Board will receive information from the Jail Disciple Groups that have ministered to inmates in the Monroe County Jail. The information gathered will then be assigned to particular Church Disciple Groups that are in the location of where the individual may be living or desire to attend church.

Jail Disciple Groups – The Jail Disciple Groups will be a group of Christian believers that minister to inmates on a weekly basis. Jail Disciple Groups will provide a simple Bible study or church service. During the sessions the Jail Disciples collect data from the inmates who wish to know more about the Lord. The data that is collected by the Jail Disciples is then turned over to the Executive Board so that “follow-up” ministering can take place once the inmate is released from jail or even while they remain incarcerated.

Church Disciples – Church Disciples are members of this ministry that can be located anywhere throughout the County of Monroe and even in the Detroit or Toledo areas. Church Disciples will be called upon by an Executive Board member after information is received that an inmate is requesting “follow-up” ministering. Church Disciples are asked to write letters of encouragement to inmates who are incarcerated and are responsible for contacting them after their release from jail, prison or treatment facilities. Church Disciples invite these individuals to church services, bible studies and church events at their church. Church Disciples do not enter the jail, they offer Christian mentoring after the release from incarceration.

Monthly Speakers – The Executive Board calls various speakers each year to participate in the 2nd Chance Disciple Ministry by conducting a Christian Speaking event at the jail. Each speaking event is expected to be a simple yet dynamic Christian Message that shares the Gospel. Each speaking event requires that Jail Disciple Groups assist so that “follow-up” information can be gathered during the event.